MCCAP- Madera High School, Madera South High School, Liberty High School

The Madera Community College Advantage Program (MCCAP) began in the Fall of 2001.  Current high school seniors from Madera High School, Madera South High School and Liberty High School can participate in the MCCAP program. Students can enroll in two college level courses during their high school first  and second period (morning program) or fifth and sixth period (afternoon program) for the fall and spring terms.  Students can earn both college and high school credit.  The MCCAP program has helped with the transition from high school to a successful college experience. Surveys conducted with former MCCAP students have provided very positive feedback indicating that their experience “took away fears” about attending college and “increased self-confidence”

The Purposes of MCCAP are to:

  • To expose as many students as possible to the prospect of going to college
  • To provide an opportunity for high school students to have a college experience while still attending regular  high school classes and activities.

The Goals of the MCCAP program are to:

  • Have MCCAP students attend college classes with the regular community college student population.

  • Provide regular progress report monitoring through the use of the high school progress report system.

  • Provide an opportunity for students to earn dual credit both high school and college credit at the same time.

  • Students attend both high school and college classes on a daily basis.

  • Students have the opportunity to be involved with activities at their high school while earning college credit.

The MCCAP program has several components that assist the students with matriculation, class selection, orientation to college and student educational planning. These components help to prepare the MCCAP students so they will have a successful and positive first time college experience, and a positive start to achieving their educational goals.

The MCCAP program components are:

  1. MCCAP Advisory Committee
  2. Fall Orientation
  3. Progress reporting
  4. Required meeting with MCCAP College Counselor
  5. Spring Orientation
  1. MCCAP Recognition Program



Counselor (MCCAP): Diana Gonzalez Mireles 

Counselor (MCCAP): Anthony Bravo 

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