Financial Aid Check Information

Contact the Business Services Office if you have not received your financial aid check in a timely manner or if it is lost or stolen.

Financial Aid Check is Late

You must have a current address on file in order to receive your financial aid check in a timely manner via US mail.

If you have recently changed your address within 14 days of the disbursement date, then you need to email the Business Services Office with a valid government issued ID to inform us of your current address; Web Advisor will also needed to be updated with your current address.

If you have not received your financial aid check after 15 business days of the payment date, you need to email the Business Office with a valid government issued ID to have your check reissued to you on a new date, do not cash the old check, it will no longer be valid. 

Financial Aid Check is Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed

If after receiving your check it becomes lost, stolen or destroyed, you need to inform the Business Services Office immediately!

Forms of Valid Identification

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid identification card
  • Valid military identification card
  • Current Passport issued in the last year
  • Current Green Card

Financial Aid Direct Deposit

To receive direct deposit of your financial aid check, log on to WebAdvisor and select the Direct Deposit option under Financial Aid. You will need your banking information to complete the form. Your name must be on the bank account for it to be accepted.

You must be signed up at least two weeks prior to the disbursement to receive the payment through direct deposit. With direct deposit, you will receive your funds in your bank before noon on the day of disbursement.

Always confirm the payment with your bank prior to spending the funds.

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